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Dronten nr. 7

Danish patriotic home page by attorney Knud Bjeld Eriksen.

FOR personal freedom, direct democracy, honest and correct information, important news for Danes, cultural and spiritual awakening.

AGAINST media,- cultural,- and other power mafia, that poison the lives of honest and law- abiding Danes with lies, deceit, exploitation and power madness.

People of the West behave like the extinct Dodo Bird. Suicidal behaviour. They must learn from its tragedy.



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Responsible :


Attorney Knud Bjeld Eriksen

  • THE DODO wants the colonization of our country stopped NOW! 

    THE DODO wants the citizenships given against the constitution by traitors cancelled and re-evaluated NOW!

     THE DODO wants the Danish politicians to serve the Danes, not the immigrants from the Third World NOW!

     THE DODO wants honest newspapers, radio and TV NOW!

     THE DODO demands freedom from being experimented with by cosmopolitans NOW!

     THE DODO demands freedom from a controlled EU, a dictatorial world government and a multi-ethnic violent hell NOW!

  •  THE DODO demands a Denmark for the Danes, where we can strive towards happiness and harmoneous developement and where our children have the same possibilities NOW!



Please download all you need from this and my other sites, as I may discontinue them without further notice. Reason: I need a break from the subject after 20 years. Also: We need to see new faces, many new faces, if we are going to succeed. The attack on Golden Dawn in Greece which in reality is an attack on all European white peoples, shows how urgently we need many to wake up. In this light - and seemingly paradoxically - I step back to take a break from the subject and remind of the words by Danish author Harald Nielsen in his article PARATROOPERS from 1943:

"But then, one may ask, where is the difference, where is that difference, that makes Jews unfit to be the guide of Danes and vice versa. Where is that, which makes the results from the activities of a Jewish race or from a Danish-Jewish race different from those, that come from a pure Danish population? Is it not, when everything is added up, just imagination, prejudice? We are all human beings, some good and some bad, some smart and some stupid – why make bones about something that means nothing?

No, in the short run it means nothing, that is quite right – but in the long run! And is that not exactly the point here? If one is sailing in waters, where there is land on both sides, f.ex. Oresund, then of course it isn't strictly necessary to have a compass on board – and the tediousness of daily life can be likened to such waters, where the difference between Jew and non-Jew are of no consequence and will not be, but out on the great oceans one cannot dispense with a compass and the national life, through centuries, is such an ocean, where a nation cannot navigate safely, if it is not guided by its own compass, by its own instincts, by its own nature.

Humanism or not – against a background like this the question appears very different than when it was judged under the outrageous impression of a picture. Seen in its own perspective the question is, whether it is humane to demand that foreign paratroopers wear uniform and whether it is inhumane to shoot them, if they do not. The Jews are, seen tactically, paratroopers scattered out among the populations in the countries, where they dwell, enjoying all of the advantages that come from being able to move about undisturbed and unnoticed. If one were to imagine any other power being similarly favoured, it would not need to fire one single shot in order to conquer the territory, it had occupied. Why use violence, if one can - in peace and quiet, and with the assistance of the natives - occupy all of the central posts, usurp all power and cut all connections, that may be in the way of one's own plans?

That is, what the paratroops have achieved, not just undisturbed by the unsuspecting natives, but under their protection. If one or more of them become suspicious and sound the alarm, then their countrymen will, motivated by the noblest of feelings, surround the innocently accused. It will not be the Jews, who risk being lynched, but the evil persons, who dared throw suspicion on such excellent and much respected countrymen.

For having captured the power and influence they have at the same time captured the power to determine, who is a good citizen and patriot. Like in an oldfashioned metamorphosis play the roles will be completely reversed. It will be those, who have the most sense of belonging to their people and the most responsibility for its future, that will be set out and exiled in their own country, whilst those, who have neither history nor nature in common with it, will speak on their behalf. Do they not already have the most prestigious positions, are they not already sons-in-law and friends, employers and business partners? How can one then contest their right to that? And what use would it be to try? If their countrymen should get an inkling, that those sounding the alarm might be right, they will therefore try to avoid recognizing this with all kinds of excuses. Anyone can then become a traitor to his own nationality in order to please those, who have conquered his country from within rather than exposing himself to their anger. Eyes that look the other way, embarrassed smiles and shrugging of shoulders will meet those, who dare do their duty for their country, and reveal, that the persons know very well, that he is right, but that they prefer to remain ignorant. One can alway rely on humanism if all other excuses should fail and one is ready to protect this "humanism" by ruthlessly sacrificing those, who have the audacity to see through the true nature of the situation and who say out loud for whom protection is mobilized. Countrymen in the service of Jews will become executioner's assistants towards countrymen.

Nationality which is continually spoken of, will become a plaything for the interests of the Jews and will gradually loose its contents. For if it is unimportant, whether it is an oriental or a nordic race, that has the last word concerning the future of the people, and if it is unimportant, if it is Jewish or non-Jewish taste, that determines its culture, then there is not much reason to take anything concerning its existence seriously and as one has put oneself in the situation, that one cannot defend one's most vital interests without placing oneself in a unfavorable light, which one is afraid to do, in such a people there will be nothing left except to state the facts, outline the course of events and point out the consequences. (read rest of article...., see index)


Yours sincerely,

Knud Eriksen