The Occult Nature and Background of Jewish Power Politics

By Knud Bjeld Eriksen

Lecture given in Barcelona, Spain Sep. 26., 2009

(the actual lecture was shorter and translated into Spanish - this is the original manuscript)

A survey in Germany made by the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung thirteen years ago, showed that the subjects: 'Jews', 'Neo-nazi's', 'Hitler', 'Third Reich', 'Political correctness', 'asylum-seekers' and 'turks', were the most dangerous subjects to touch. You will note that subjects such as: Communism, Stalin, Soviet, internationalism or globalism were not dangerous. If such a survey was made today, not only in Germany, but in any European country – or any Western country, the situation would probably be the same or worse. Those are still the most dangerous subjects, even though 'turks' may be substituted by 'Moslems' here in Spain and by 'Mexicans' in the United States. In the EU it is almost daily becoming more dangeous to be 'politically incorrect'. You may even go to jail and now also be extradited to other European countries to be jailed there. So the danger has become real enough.

But for most people - and this has been so for a long time - the fear has been more of a psychological conditioning. They are unaware of the cause of their fear. For them the mere words: 'Jew', 'nazi' etc. cause uneasiness and even fear, and they will self-censor to produce the political correct thoughts and words. Psychologists have even demonstrated* how this internalising of 'correct thoughts' have almost been imbedded in peoples brains, so that a hectic activity in the frontal lobes gets activated as the person tries to evade the dangerous subject and submits to the accepted thoughts and words. Or fear is triggered when he persists with the reproachable behaviour and opinions. Most people will recognize this, when it is pointed out to them. Isn't that strange and awful in a so-called free, democratic and modern country? Taboos certainly exist in a very real way today, not only in primitive tribes and long ago. In a primitive tribe the witch doctor decides the taboos. Who is doing it for you and me?

'The Jews' or 'The Jewish Question' is then such a taboo subject, so I must congratulate you courageous people to even have come here to listen to politically incorrect informations and opinions from me. And I am privileged to have a chance to share my thoughts with you.

Let me also begin with an admission: I am actually often quite fed up with the subject of 'Jews', or more correctly 'Extremist Jews' or 'Supremacist Jews', having now studied the subject for some years and also talked and written about it for the same number of years. The subject has so much negativity involved. It is understandable that the subject is evaded by many.

But here I must quote some famous words by philosopher and politician, Edmund Burke who, in 1789, said about The French Revolution:

'An event has happened, upon which it is difficult to speak and impossible to be silent'

I will paraphrase this to fit my speech by saying that: A Group of people are active destroying Western civlization and creating a tyranny on Earth. This group it is difficult to mention, but impossible not to mention: the Supremacist Jews. Those are the Jews who hold themselves to be a separate, superior people, given the right to dominate and rule the rest of mankind, by God himself. They are the ones behind the creation of the particular taboos mentioned.

I think it is necessary for every man and woman who understands this, to use a part of his or her life to confront and assist in solving this age-old problem. 'The Jewish Problem' - the domination, perversion and destruction of our culture and existence by powerful Jewish groups - does not disappear all by itself, but only because courageous people invest time and energy in teaching others about it. World-wide awakening to the problem, will, I believe, make it disappear in the long run. Hopefully in a peaceful way. On the other hand, if we all run away from the problem, because we have been conditioned to do so, we Westerners are most definitely doomed.

I must always put in a note here, that I am not accusing all Jews of wrongdoing. The guilty ones are the leading Jews, the Supremacist, racist Jews, who are relatively few, but who unfortunately control all the powerful international Jewish organisations, media and money in the world. The majority of the Jewish people are also victimized. And in the final anlysis, it has to be the Gentiles and their treasonous leaders at all levels who are most to blame, for submitting to the abuses and the Supremacist Jewish destruction of their lives, cultures and societies. It might as correctly be termed 'The Gentile Problem'. If we westerners do not wake up and take back our governments, media and money-systems, then we are heading swiftly for extinction. Then we are not fit for survival as a race. But wouldn't it be a shame for our children and grandchildren? And wouldn't it be a terrible setback for civilization on Earth in general?

The one aspect of Judaism, Zionism and Supremacist Jews, which still holds a good amount of interest to me then, is the spiritual one: How is it possible at all to keep the whole world in a state of brainwashed amnesia about the ongoing takeover of the world by power-mad Jewish Supremacists? What are the mechanisms? What is the background of these mechanisms and what can be done to undo their grip on humanity?

In this lecture I want to draw primarily from the book 'The Controversy of Zion' by Douglas Reed, a book I see as extremely important for the growing understanding of Jewish Supremacism. I have therefore dedicated a website to the promotion of the book in many languages. This book begins with the above-mentioned words by Edmund Burke. Five years ago the book was only known to a relatively small group of enthusiasts, but I think that today, when it exists on the internet, and now in eight languages, that its fame will grow rapidly, and that its brilliant way of explaining the problem will make it a major tool for the necessary awakening of the people of the world. It is 600 pages long, so since new generations read less and less, this may seem like a very optimistic statement. But we must remember, that this sort of message needs only reach the few percentages of the population (2-5%) who are able to grasp the message and act on it anyway. They will be the opinionleaders, who will then be catalysts for the message to spread to wider circles.

And I will draw from two of my own earlier lectures, one given in West Virginia, USA, in 2007, titled 'Three Models of the Jewish Problem' , and the other one: 'The Legal Madhouse of Anti-Racist Europe' given in Memphis, USA in 2008. These two lectures can be read at the above-mentioned website, or at . I would like to expand today on those parts in my previous lectures, where I went into the model of 'The Jewish Problem' which I call 'Mental Illness'. In the second lecture I tried to make a case for the argument, that we cannot fully understand the power of Jewish Supremacism without taking into account the superstitious or occult nature and history of this power.

I want to make the point here - again - that the fight for the preservation of White European culture and at the opposite end, the Jewish Supremacist war against this culture, is, at this stage, mainly a fight for people's minds. When people's minds are conquered, the rest follows, their energies, lives, cultures, countries. 'Mind games' could be a colloquial word for it. 'Brainwashing-techniques', 'psychological warfare', 'propaganda' and 'deception' also describe the activities. In all this pschycological processes are at work. These processes alle bear the mark of purposeful deception, misdirections, creations of mental states of fear, hopelessness or hate through overwhelming Jewish Supremacist influence in the three main fields of

•  Media, academia, education – amounting to the modelling of public opinion and 'political correctness'

•  Politics, amounting to having the governmental and legal power to advance Jewish Supremacist agenda's, such as multicultural take-overs in Western cultures, and power to suppress, jail and penalize opponents of Jewish Supremacists.

•  Money monopolies, amounting to the ownership or control of vital resources in the world, globalization.

In all of these three fields Jewish Supremacist deception and psychological warfare against White European culture and people is the main issue, and centuries-old Jewish Supremacist use of deception, terror and treason against host-peoples as well as against their own people are at work here. It is in the mainstream control of Gentile societies that those techniques have their crushing effect, not in the more exotic psychological areas, such as Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah, although kabbalistic thinking obviously is involved, and possibly much more, than we suspect. The part of Kabbalah, which is of interest here, by the way, is the so-called 'Practical Kabbalah' which is equivalent to kabbalistic magic, where Jewish elders create miraculous effects in the physical universe, through the use of willpower, use of rituals and holy words.

So, in addition to the three fields of Jewish Supremacist influence in the world today, as mentioned above, the following two main categories of Jewish Supremacist power-methods should be in focus always, as headings for it all:

•  Deception , psychological warfare - and

•  Terror - creation of fear and 'political correct' thought and behaviour. Police power. Suppressive laws. Mafia. Mossad. Murder of opponents.


Douglas Reed explains

I will not here go into details of Jewish mysticism, or Jewish Kabbala, as such, nor enumerate the sources for this in the Torah, in the Talmud or the various Kabbalistic books. That would lead too far and not in an enlightening direction, I am afraid. But I claim, that occult elements exist at several levels and in several forms in the Jewish Supremacist drive for world domination. Deception coupled with terror and normal human psychological reactions to these are, I think, sufficient to account for the effects of Jewish supremacist methods of controlling and changing societies.

Thus, in order to not get lost in complexities, which would, as I say, be exactly playing the game of the enemy, and also in order to invite you to the necessary further study, I will highlight some places in the book by Douglas Reed, 'The Controversy of Zion' where references to the mystical nature of Jewish supremacist power are made. He puts it more elegantly than I could. And I need then not 'reinvent the wheel'.

Reed very early on makes the point that all of Jewish Supremacist philosophy is simply 'a centuries-old barbaric superstition' planted right here in the modern world with catastrophic consequences. It was 'born in antiquity and nurtured through the ages by a semi-secret priesthood' and 'has returned to plague us in the form of a political movement supported by great wealth and power in all great capitals of the world. Through the two methods used, revolution from below and the corruption of governments from above, it has come far towards success in a fantastic ambition of achieving world dominion, using these two instruments to incite nations against each other'.

The superstition behind the political movement called Zionism is based on occult belief in a 'master-race' with 'a license to destroy', even an obligation to destroy, given by God himself to Moses on Mount Sinai. Some of the so-called Mosaic Law, where this comes from, is of course written in the Torah – but a part of it is only given orally, and only to be known, understood and freely interpreted by the Jewish priest-class – originally the Levites. It is simply part of the deception to only mention half of the aim of Zionism: To gather the Jews of the world in Israel. The other half says: And from there dominate and enslave the rest of mankind. The state of mind in many Jews necessary for this superstition to be effective in ruling them, was developed over almost 2000 years of oppression by their rabbis, in the ghettoes.

In Chapter 1.
p.1. 'In 458 BC the theory of the master-race was set up as 'The Law'. The disruptive effects of this sects creed on subsequent human affairs may have exceeded that of explosives or epidemics…..
The creed which a fanatical sect produced that day has shown a great power over the minds of men over these twenty-five centuries; hence its destructive achievement. Why it was born at that particular moment, or ever, is something that none can explain. This is among the greatest mysteries of our world, ……….' .....'the sect which attached itself to and mastered the tribe of Judah took this rising concept of one-God of all-peoples and embodied it in its Scripture only to destroy it, and to set up the creed based on its denial…..A master-race, if there be one, must itself be God.'

p. 4. 'Dr. Kastein, a fervent Zionist, holds that ….the Old Testament was in fact a political programme, drafted to meet the conditions of a time, and frequently revised to meet changing conditions.
Historically, therefore, the Egyptian captivity, the slaying of 'all the firstborn of Egypt', the exodus toward and conquest of the promised land are myths. The story was invented, but the lesson, of vengeance on the heathen, was implanted in men's minds and the deep effect continues into our time.'

p.5. 'From the moment when it first appears as an entity this tribe of Judah has a strange look. It was always cut off, and never got on well with its neighbours. Its origin are mysterious. It seems from the beginning, with its ominous name, somehow to have been set apart, rather than to have been 'chosen'……. This tribe with its curious air was the one which set out into the future saddled with the doctrine drawn up by the Levites, namely, that it was Jehova's 'chosen people' and, when it had done 'all my statutes and judgements', it would inherit a promised land and dominion over all peoples.
Among these 'statutes and judgments' as the Levites finally edited them appeared, repeatedly, the commands, 'utterly destroy', 'pull down', 'root out'. Judah was destined to produce a nation dedicated to destruction.'

In chapter 14, 'The Movable Government':
Reed mentions one of the main ingredients of the present Supremacist Jewish power structure: Secrecy . The 'Jewish International' took over from the visible central government of Jews in Poland, when this country was divided in 1772. From then on the central government was secret.
'At that point, for the first time in more than 2500 years and less than two hundred years before our own day, the ”centre” of Jewish government disappears from sight. Up to 1772 there had always been one: In Poland, Spain, Babylonia, Galilee, Judea, Babylon and Judah……Clearly ”the centre” continued, but from 1772 in secret………The century which followed was that of the revolutionary conspiracy………..The talmudic centre was also the centre of this conspiracy. Had it remained in the open the source of conspiracy would have been visible, and the identification of the Talmudic, Eastern Jews with it obvious………..In the event this only became clear when the revolution of 1917 produced an almost all-Jewish government in Russia…….'
'The manner in which this international directorate gains and wields its power over Gentile governments is no longer quite mysterious; enough authentic, published information has come out of these last fifty years to explain that'.. ' The mystery of its agelong hold over 'Jews' is more difficult to penetrate. How has a sect been able to keep people, distributed around the globe, in the clutch of primitive tribalism for twenty-five centuries? The next chapter (15) seeks to give some insight into the methods used during the third and longest phase of the story of Zion, the Talmudic period which lasted from AD 70 to about 1800. These methods have so much of the Orient and of Asia in them that they are puzzling to Western minds and are best comprehended by those whose own experience took them much among the communities of 'Eastern Jews' before the Second World War, and into secret-police states, where rule is also by fear and terror.' p. 86-87

Chapter 15.
'Whatever else is in dispute, one thing is incontestable: that great force must repose in a Law which for nineteen centuries obtains obedience from people scattered over the earth, when by an effort of will they could escape its thrall. The Talmud was (and is) such a Law, and the only one of its kind.' p.88
The Talmud is admittedly manmade. The Torah was attributed to the voice of Jehovah, recorded by Moses. This is of great significance.
The reason for the difference is obvious: Mosaic manuscripts ”hoary with the dust of ages” could not be indefinitely discovered. The scribes had to accept the responsibility, simply declaring that in doing so they used the absolute power of interpretation ”orally” given to the first of their line. Thus they revealed the truth: that they, and no other, were God!….
……When the Talmud was completed the question which the future had to answer was whether the central sect would succeed in imposing this New Law on the scattered Jews…..
……..They did succeed. In 1898, at the Second World Zionist Congress at Basel, a Zionist from Russia, Dr. Mandelstam of Kieff, declared, ”The Jews energetically reject the idea of fusion with other nationalities and cling firmly to their historical hope, i.e. of world empire”.
The Twentieth Century is withnessing the attempt to consummate that hope. Probably the institution of the ghetto chiefly helped the Talmudists to this success. p. 94.


Douglas Reed ends his story of Judaism and Zionism in the 'Epilogue' (p. 569) by comparing the Supremacist Jewish superstition as taken from passages in Deutoronomy and Ezekiel with the previous sorcery at a remote group of islands, the Gilberts:

He says: 'I cannot presume to judge what is evil; thinking makes it so. I only know what I feel to be evil; perhaps I am wrong. Anyway, by my own sensations and standards I have felt, during the labour of preparing this book, that I lived with evil. The forces which have been projected into the 20th Century, as from some dinosauric cavern, are superstitious ones. I have had a constant sense of contact with the minds of men like Ezekiel, who in barbarous times had barbarous thoughts……

(Here follows a long, gory curse): ”Spirit of madness, spirit of excrement, spirit of eating alive, spirit of rottenness etc.

….The comparison between this and many passages in Deutoronomy and Ezekiel is instructive in this time when the Talmud-Torah is literally invoked as The Law ordaining such deeds as that committed at Deir Yassin (and today can be added: Sabra, Shatila, Qana and Gaza); the statement of the Jewish Encyclopedia, that the Talmud teaches belief in the literal efficacy of cursing, is also relevant……

…. Only this element of dark superstition, in my estimate, can account for the fear to which the Jewish masses yield, when they surrender to Zionist nationalism …..

This Reed compares again to pre-protectorate days in the Gilbert islands:

”….A man with sixty generations of terror-struck belief whispering in his blood …was easy meat for the death magic…Generation on generation of sorcers who willed evil, and people who dreaded their power, had lived out their lives in these islands. The piled-up horror of their convictions had achieved, down the ages, a weight and shadow of its own, an immanence that brooded over everything. It was man's thoughts, more potent than ghosts, that haunted the habitation of men. One felt that practically anything could happen in that atmosphere”…

And he says: …The feeling I had, in tracing the story of this ancient superstition and its reemergence as a political force in our century, was that of contact with a living, evil thing. The destructive revolution, in my view, is part of it and I could have written exactly what an American diplomat, Mr. Frank Rounds, junior, wrote in his diary on Christmas Day of 1951: ”In Moscow, you feel that evil exists as a thing, as a presence; that is my thought this Christmas Day”…..'

Reed describes, how thousands of years of confinement in the ghetto under rule by terror – by the priest-class and its successors, in communist-type regimes, have created the type of commissars which we know from the Soviet era - the most glaring incident in history, so far, of raw Jewish supremacist political power - and whom we again today will be suffering under in such areas as the evolving European Union, only infinitely more refined and wrapped in sugary clichés of 'democracy, freedom and human rights' and clouded by tons of incomprehensible legal verbiage. (note: The Soviet Union was the first place, where 'anti-Semitism' was heavily punished, already when the regime was only a few months old, the European Union is the second union, where this is brought forward as a major offense to be punished by several years in prison).

The prototype of such a society is given by Reed at the start of chapter 16 'The Messianic Longing' :

'The Talmudic régime in the close confinement of the ghettoes was in its nature essentially rule by terror, and employed the recognizable methods of terror: spies-on-spies, informers, denunciants, cursing and excommunication, and death. The secret-police and concentration-camp régime of the Communist era evidently took its nature from this model, which was familiar to its Talmudic organizers' p.98

Where would such a type of society bring us, then? Well, the authoritative version of the Jewish Utopia, ( see The Jewish Utopia by Michael Higger ) as this is described in the Torah and Talmud, is of a materialist, cloudy nature. It comes down to a simple story of solely the so-called “righteous” surviving on the day of judgment, when the Jewish Messiah comes. The righteous are those Jews who have piously followed all the Jewish laws and regulations, including the murderous ones, and the righteous non-Jews are simply those who submit themselves to the Jews and understand that these are the chosen masters of the earth. The Jewish king will then rule the world from Jerusalem, where gold and diamonds will adorn all the streets. All wealth will be directed toward Jerusalem.

This is the entire vision. This is what comes after all has been destroyed in bloody war and revolution. The key message is, that destruction leads to salvation – somehow. A truly astonishing logic. Some would say nonsensical thinking. Also, a very harmful philosophy to guide one's life

It is both very materialistic and based on occult sources, in as much as it is based on legends – clearly created by the ruling priest - class for the purpose of ruling the tribe of Judah, and through it – the world.

It is occult in the way, that its creation conforms to the definition of basic magic – such as practical kabbalah – where the definition is: Creating, through use of rituals, will power and holy words, an effect or materialization in real physical life. Through two thousand years Jews have visualized this development to take place, and powerful Jews and also non-Jewish Zonists have created Israel and worked incessantly to create the reality of Eretz Israel (Greater Israel) and world domination through control of the Westen media, finances and politicians. More about this in a minute.



Because the age-old vision of the Jewish Utopia was so poor and nonsensical, and the Messiah never came, there was always, in Jewish life, a strong spiritual/magic undercurrent, which compensated for the lack of messianic rescue and common sense in the message. It existed as a conspiratorial Jewish mystique among learned rabbis and it broke out at intervals among the lower Jewish classes as sheer superstition and belief in witchcraft, and has so much been a part of Jewish life, that, in my opinion, it much better characterizes Jewish ideology than anything else: magic and superhuman abilities. It is now having a dangerous and, in my view, very influential comeback in many of the movies and cartoons from Hollywood. It is also having a revival in the growing interest in Jewish Kabbalah, and I think that magic power is a reality for many Jews who lead or undertake mental training in the New Age movement. Possibly also for many others. But extremist Jews really believe they are superhuman. (see “”Chabad Lubavich” movement homepage or quotes from these by David Duke). Whether magic abilities do exist I do not know, but I will not rule it out, just as the soul of man is not ruled out, to my knowledge, no matter how many mental traits seem to have genetic foundations. I think it is very much a question of definition, for I do believe that a power of will exists, which certainly has results in the physical universe. And great discoveries in this field are probably awaiting us. We must not leave the field to Supremacist Jews because it seems spooky. The way we have seen Jewish Supremacist efforts change the realities of our society, utilizing mainly the weapon of mass media, is such a phenomenon. Jewish communism was actually a piece of black magic. It was rape of reality. Supremacist Jews also rely on the weapon of mass media propaganda to keep up the Jewish victimhood and religious status of the holocaust. And generations growing up in a sea of magic cartoons and movies, where the line between reality and unreality is blurred, will be easy victims for any new creation or reality, the Jewish Supremacist may like.

It will be in this frame of mind that people might understand the statement by holocaust witness, Elie Wiesel: '….Some events do take place but are not true, others are, although they never occurred'. ( Legends of Our Time , 1968, pp. 177-78)


Occult Power Politics

Many writers have noted the occult currents in the Jewish community. An example of this is the Israeli dissident, Barry Chamish, who says, that the governing elite in Israel and in Zionism are occultists, he calls them 'shabbataians' , after the false 17th Century messias, Shabtai Zvi (or Sabbatai Zevi). This is the occult Kabbalah. Dr. David Duke also talks much about the Chabad-Lubavitch Jews. This is also occult Kabbalah at work. These groupings are very influential, and according to their own website 'considered the most dynamic force in Jewish life today'. Also the British historian, Paul Johnson, in A History of the Jews and Israels Shahak in Jewish History, Jewish Religion are sources for this phenomenon. The author Jüri Lina describes in his book about the ideological background of communism, titled Under the Sign of the Scorpion, 1994, how the bolsheviks were well versed in astrology, and established the Soviet empire at four minutes past two o'clock on the 8th of November 1917 in the Russian capital, Petrograd, thus making Scorpio the symbol and guardian of Soviet power.

A very interesting piece of kabbalistic magic is treated by the prolific American writer, Michael Collins Piper, in his book, The Golem, 2007. In this book Piper descibes, how an age-old myth of a Jewish rabbi creating a 'golem' – a Frankenstein monster out of clay, which was powerful enough to protect the Jews against their enemies, has a modern meaning. Piper explains in the book how Israels atom bombs, by leading Jews are likened to this Golem, and included in the atomic scenario is a possible self-destruction, where Israel could take the rest of the world down with it, should the opposition become threatening enough for that option. In this way the world is held hostage by Israel atomic capability, and this Jewish supremacist blackmail by Israel must be stopped more than anytning else, argues Piper.

If it was not deadly serious, a recent revelation of occult background for the war in Iraq is hilarious: President George W. Bush told French President Jacques Chirac in early 2003 that Iraq 'must be invaded to thwart Gog and Magog', the Bible's satanic agents of the Apocalypse. (article in Gazette-Mail of July 22, 2009 by James Haught). It is a well-publizised fact, that this war was started in the Interest of Israel and at the prompting of the (mainly Jewish) neo-conservative advisers around then president Bush, who himself is a Christian Zionist. But it seems incredible, that such an occult reason could be given by an American president.

An occult part of Judaism, in general, has always been there. It needs to be studied much more in depth by Gentiles, for it is my belief, that a lot of what happens, happens according to the rules and ideas of occult Kabbalah.

Numbers, dates, symbols, rituals are very important. Some examples follow.

The national socialist leaders were executed on the Jewish Day of Atonement and the Russian czar and his whole family ritually murdered on July 16, 1918, following the precedent fom Daniel, verse 30, chapter 5, which portrays the murder of an imaginary potentate, Belshazzar, as Gods punishment for an affront to Judah ( Controversy of Zion , p. 396, 109, 278).

Notably, the figure '6' is holy and used in holocaust-propaganda, and combinations of 6 – i.e. '666' as when the allies initiated 'D-Day', the invasion in Normandy during WWII, at 6 o'clock in the morning on the 6th day of the 6th month.

The year 1999, was, as a variation hereof, possibly a very important year all by itself, and is said by some to have been 'the year of the coming of Messiah' (– when he comes to enslave the rest of humanity, since Shabtai Zvi's 1666 turned out to be false).

Therefore, as an experiment, one might look for important events in favour of the Zionist World Conquest happening in the year 1999. You will actually find many interesting points.

The Jewish New year corresonding to this year, 5760, started in September 1999 and would then last a year from that date.

The 'European Framework Decision' which would include the suggested gagging laws for all 27 meber countries as well as the EAW (European Arrest Warrant), under a separate paragraph, was initiated in October of 1999 . It is to be in place in all of EU by the end of 2010. The Treaty of Amsterdam came into force on May 1, 1999 . In it an article 13 about 'non-discrimination', was for the first time included at constitution-level. The Convention that was to draft this basic treaty on which the EU based its sanctions against Austria in february of 2000, held its constituent meeting in December 1999 .

The equivalent of ADL in Europe, the LICRA, stepped up its activities greatly during 1999.

And the Austrian election which spurred the EU sanctions took place in the last part of 1999. The sanctions were discussed and obviously agreed on during the first Stockholm International Forum in January 2000 – a Holocaust Conference series.

The establishment of NATO as the de facto world army happened after the bombings of the sovereign state of Serbia in 1999.

These several important advances toward tyranny therefore took place during the Jewish year of the Messias

It is conceivable that several other rackets were hatched during this 'Messianic Year'. Such as 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. For:

• 'The Messiah' needed maybe not be a person, but could be interpreted to be a condition or maybe an 'entity' such as the European Union (former Danish Chief Rabbi, Bent Melchior, in an interview said as much. He is now working flat out to get more indoctrination and anti-racism legislation handed out from the EU, especially hiding behind the large muslim minorities, see here)

• According to magic laws, once a magic will is initiated, it WILL happen in the physical universe, and it is only a question of time.

• And once the EU had become, in essence, as subjugated as the old Soviet Union, its concept, system and philosophy, could be successfully exported to the other parts of the world, where similar setups were underway (as NAU for the American continent).

Mainstream magic

In any case it is a fact, that mainstream Jewish life has this element of occultism in it just by the fact, that the source of the Jewish behaviour towards the rest of mankind is the Torah and the Talmud, which are obviously the works of the Jewish prist-class, the Levites, and later the rabbis, although the Torah is said to have been given to Moses, by God, in full and final form. The 'chosen people' status of Jews is widely believed, although absurd, by Jews, and also by large groups of Christian Zionists and Western people in general, through their respect for the Bible, in which The Old Testament is held to be just as important as the New. Jews are in this way, and through their equally promoted role of holocaust-victims almost totally protected against criticism and scrutiny.

Also the brainwashing techniques, are occult in the way supremacist Jews use their de facto monopoly on mass media. It is done like a stage magician makes things look real or make things disappear. Only, here it is done on a world-wide scene and warping reality for all mankind. If a message is repeated in all news outlets, elctronic and paper, in all movies and books, in textbooks for universities and basic schools, as well as mouthed by teachers and public persons at all levels, it will sink into the consciousness of the people who hear and see the message. It will become the reality, since 'nothing else exixts', practically. It will be 'the truth', for alternative truths are given no coverage.

In this way 'Germans' have habitually been made into monsters or unpleasant people in countless Hollywood films and in books and cartoons. They have in this way also been given the sole blame for the two world wars in the 20th centrury. Textbooks for schools and universities have mouthed the same 'truths' and newspapers, of which the overwhelming majority is Jewish owned, controlled or influenced, have, on an almost daily basis repeated this picture for many decades.. The same treatment has been given the subject of 'white people' generally. Such a subject as 'race' has in this manner become almost a swearword, and the reality of different races has become almost totally subdued, by academia and media.

Behind this development and others like them, Supremacist Jews employ alle three attack routes: Media, money and politics. They work together, by now, as a well-oiled machine for control of humanity. In the example of 'Germans', Germany has, for many years been forced to finance the state of Israel, (now, however surpassed by the financing of Israel from the United States), they have been forced to accept tens of millions of immigrants from the third world, coloured people are helped to prominent positions in media, jobs, housings and financial means are directed to immigrants, away from white Germans, through suppressive laws governing Germany since it lost the last war, through pervasive multicultural propaganda in mass media and through police-state methods of raiding opposing nationalist parties and jailing opponents of the multicultural criminal banana-republic, Germany is becoming.

It is also the methods of deception and fear at work again. The subjects left out of the news, become non-existing, the subjects repeated over and over become people's reality and fear – maybe of being jailed for political incorrect comments, maybe for losing ones job or only of becoming unpopular with friends and family, will terrorize away from unwanted behavior. Self-censorship in people, as in even preventing Western people from thinking of themselves as a race, is working constantly, and makes more severe and obvious suppression unnecessary in most cases.

Behind the almost total monopoly on mass-media in the West lies control of money by Jewish supremacists. Loads of money made the capture of these media possible.

Behind the control of politicians in order to get the wanted 'hate laws' passed and the wanted wars conducted against the enemies of Israel or Zionism, lies loads of money too, aided by the threat of 'bad press' (plus the corresponding rewards to submissive politicians) in the entire world.


The Money Trick and God Mammon

Of the money power Douglas Reed does not have much to say. He concentrates on the political and media sides of the power, but he is quite aware, that it is this great wealth of supremacist Jews that makes them powerful enough to corrupt media and politicians. He says, (p. 121), that

'the entire history of the West seems to have been made under that tenet of the Judaic Law which commands lending unto all nations and borrowing from none!'

The magic involved in both the Media-arm and the Political arm of Jewish supremacist power seem rather crude and easy to understand, in that news and informations are promoted or suppressed according to supremacist Jewish agendas. Politicians are eager to get 'good press' and scared to death to get 'bad press' that will ruin their careers, and are therefore easily bought and corrupted by supremacist Jewish media moguls.

Money buys media and politicians, in other words.

How money is made or acquired is more refined and hard to understand for most people. Well, this is in its essense pure magic, for it fits the basic definition of 'magic': to create, directly, in the physical universe a thing or materialization through sheer use of will and spirit. And the way information about the process of creating money has been blurred and thus hidden, is in the line of magic, deception and obfuscation.

Money is created out of blue air – from nothing, in fact. And those who have the privilege to create this money have the key to financial domination of the world. God Mammon reigns supreme.

Those people happen to be supremacist Jews, in the banking cartels, in the overwhelming majority. And have been so for at least the last 200 years, since the advent of the Rotschild empire. If one wants to understand the roots of modern world power, it is necessary to go back at least these 200 years to the time just before the French Revolution, when the Rothschild empire took form in Germany, and it is necessary to understand, in the main, how this latterday magic of money, the creation and control of, functions.

Werner Sombart, in his book The Jews and Modern Capitalism said that from 1820 on, it was the 'age of Rothschild' and concluded that there was 'only one power in Europe, and that was Rothschild'. The first financial Rothschild, Amschel Mayer, said: 'Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws'.

And just this happened. Most people believe that their goverment produces the money which circulates in the society, and that no-one makes a profit in this process. And it ought to be like that, but in fact isn't. Money is created in a nation as a debt to the private banks, who are organized in the 'national' bank. It starts out as a loan instead of being just money made free of interest by the state.

Then it is created again at the next level, by the private, commercial banks, who, by law in every country, are permitted to create money, out of next to nothing, namely with a responsible capital of only maybe 8 percent (or much less) of the credits they then create and charge interest on to people. The bank didn't have the money in the first place! It will demand repayment, however, in real money, earned by people in their sweat, of the full 100 percent, and an interest of maybe 10-15 percent on top.

At the next level it becomes even more hilarious. Money is created by inventive people like Bernie Madoff, Micael Milken, Ivan Boesky and George Soros, who use various manipulative schemes. Among such schemes are speculation against foreign currencies or the so-called 'gearing' of money, where the manipulator lures people to buy investments which rest on even more thin air and the hopes, that no-one will find this out. It is incredible. It is magic. It is also deception of a very harmful nature. The energy and time of us gullible people is sucked up, like blood by a vampire. And no-one notices!

Several books have been written by scholars who studied the subject of money from scratch. Names such as Eustace Mullins, Gary Allen, Ezra Pound, Louis T. McFadden, Silvio Gesell, Jeffrey Mark, Gertrude M. Coogan and Frederick Soddy. , William Gayley Simpson, in his book Which Way Western Man, 1973, has a very fine summary of the whole question, which I am indebted to for this talk.

Let me mention one of these scholars: Frederick Soddy, who wrote several books on the subject. One was Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt, 1933. He was a professor of chemistry at Oxford University, 'father of nuclear fission', a Nobel Prize laureate, and a Fellow of the Royal Society, Englands highest scientific honorary body.

Quoted from the book Which Way Western Man, by William Gayley Simpson, Soddy 'Having come to feel that he must reach an understanding of our money system, spent two years studying what its proponentes had to say for it, only at last to find himself facing the fact that ”he could make nothing of it”. And ”then one day,” he went on to say, ”the truth dawned on me. What I was studying was not a system but a confidence trick”. Basically the whole thing was a swindle, dependent for its successful operation on keeping people deceived.'

Some of the most frank observers of power politics today state, that the Rothschild empire is still the dominant money power in the world. One such observer is the author, Michael Collins Piper, who has just published his latest book, which, judged by the promotion material, I have read, seems to be about exactly that. Another one is Dr. David Duke who has been airing this fact for decades.

But to come to the conclusion of this talk, I choose here to quote extensively, the author, Henry Makow, another observer of this type, who, in a very recent article (9.11.2009!) 'The New World Order is ”Communism” ' mentions a very interesting manusript, The Red Symphony , about which he states: 'After The Protocols of the Elders of Zion it is the best revelation of the real state of our world. The Red Symphony is a 1938 Stalinist Secret Police (NKVD) interrogation of Christian Rakovsky, a Soviet ambassador who was a close associate of Leon Trotsky, leading Jewish revolutionary and Rothschild's agent.

The article by Makow has so many brilliant observations. Even though the text of 'The Red Symphony' of 50 pages is very convincing, it could be fake, just as – primarily Jews – say about ' The Protocols' but the point here is, that both these texts so impressively describe the real state of the world today, and how it happened.

Makow, in his turn quoting from 'The Red Symphony', writes :

'In fact, Communism is devoted to concentrating all wealth and power in the hands of the central banking cartel (the Rothschilds and their allies) by disguising it as State power . (The State is run by witting & unwitting agents of the Rothschilds. When the USSR dissolved, the national wealth was divided between mostly Jewish "oligarchs" who were fronts for the Rothschilds.)'

'Rakovsky tried to convince his interrogator that the bankers created the Communist state as a "machine of total power" unprecedented in history. In the past, due to many factors, " there was always room for individual freedom . Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached." ….

"...They created credit money with a view to making its volume close to infinite. And to give it the speed of is an abstraction, a being of thought, a figure, number, credit, faith...."

…..Of course they need to protect their credit monopoly by translating it into a monopoly over all power and thought. World government is necessary to prevent any country from issuing their own credit (money) or repudiating their debt. This is the New World Order……

…..The aim of the Revolution is no less than to redefine reality in terms of the interests of the bankers. This involves the promotion of subjective truth over objective truth. If Lenin "feels something to be real" then it is real. "For him every reality, every truth was relative in the face of the sole and absolute one: the revolution."

….In other words, white is black and up is down. This is the way it was in the Soviet Union and this is now happening to us. Truth and justice are being replaced by political diktat. "Political correctness" a Bolshevik term is now in common usage. Physicists like Steven Jones who question Sept.11 are silenced. ….Homosexuality is normalized and promoted to increase arrested development and destroy the family…..

Rakovsky marvels that "the benches on which sat the greasy usurers to trade in their moneys, have now been converted into temples, which stand magnificently at every corner of contemporary big towns with their heathen colonnades, and crowds go there bring assiduously their deposits of all their possessions to the god of money..."

And in the interrogation-report on Rakowsky, Red Symphony
this close associate of Trotsky states (p.21) that …. ”the financial International has gradually, right up to our epoch, become the master of money, this magical talisman, which has become for people that which God and the nation had been formerly…”


Conclusion – Henry Makow sums it up

Henry Makow in his article ' The New World Order is ”Communism” ends like this – and I find it so true that I need to quote him more:

'The New World Order does not only create a new power. It creates a new reality out of touch with the truth. It employs legions of pundits, professors and politicos to enforce its precepts. These are the ..agents.. referred to smugly in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion .
What kind of credibility do these people have knowing they will lose their jobs if they tell the truth? They are all accomplices in the 9-11 cover-up,

The truth is that society is totally subverted. Government, education, entertainment and the news media are totally in the hands of the central banking cartel. The private sector all sings from the same song book, indicating the central bankers control it.  The same applies to think tanks, foundations, NGO's, professional associations and major charities.  Intelligence agencies report to the central bankers. They and Masonic secret societies are a central part of the mechanism of control….

As a result, society is helpless to address its real problem: the untenable concentration of wealth, power and cultural influence in the hands of Cabala-believing bankers secretly intent on culling, degrading and enslaving us. We are stymied by the bogus charge of "anti-Semitism" when most Jews are deceived and manipulated like everyone else, (although their role is vastly disproportionate.) There is no shortage of lackeys from all ethnic backgrounds willing to serve these Satanist bankers. This service defines "success" today.

"History" is a lie. Wars are a fraud. Current events are largely orchestrated. Projects are ventured for different purposes than stated. All we can do is continue to throw a spanner in their works and alert our fellow citizens.  I am not too concerned with catastrophe. I see continued gradual drift to one world order fascism. Mankind is being put into a coma, a state of arrested development based on a fixation with toys, sports, relationships, sex and money. The last thing the bankers want to do is awaken the cattle from their slumber.

Mankind is doomed as long as Cabalist central bankers control society. All that is needed is to nationalize the central banks, repudiate debts created from nothing by these bankers, break up cartels, especially Hollywood and the media, and institute strict public campaign financing.

But as long as the majority perceive their interests in terms of the status quo, our problems will remain systemic. They won't go away. '

It cannot be said much better than this. The happy note, which you will find missing here, has to come from yourself, pulling yourself together to take part in the liberation from occult brainwashing and domination. Your children will thank you some day!

Knud Eriksen

* Professor Kevin MacDonald in radioshow with Dr. Tom Sunic. About 40 minutes into the conversation

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